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Sell Your Antiques

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Mike Deming Antiques stands as a beacon for antiquity enthusiasts in the Signal Mountain, Chattanooga, and surrounding Tennessee areas, actively seeking out treasures to enrich their collection. Specializing in a diverse array of items, including antique jewelry, clocks, paintings, sterling silver, lamps, pocket watches, and collectibles, we meticulously curate pieces that narrate history. Our discerning eye for quality and authenticity ensures that each acquisition adds depth and character to their inventory. Residents of Tennessee and its environs are encouraged to bring forth their cherished heirlooms or hidden gems, as Mike Deming Antiques eagerly awaits the opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of stories behind each artifact. With a commitment to preserving the legacy of the past, we offer a seamless and rewarding experience for those looking to part ways with their beloved antiques.

Whether you are a serious collector, casual buyer, or an estate heir, it is comforting to know that Mike Deming is an experienced buyer, and believes that each item has a story and right now he wants to have a conversation with you about your antiques, clocks, sterling silver and accessories. If you finally want to find out if that antique heirloom or great estate buy is really valuable, call the antique expert Mike Deming at (423)-206-4500 to set up a courteous house call, or bring your treasures to 1807 Taft Highway Suite 5, Signal Mountain, TN, 37377. When your antique treasures are as unique as yours, sell them to someone who appreciates both.

Every Antique Tells a Story

A Guide to Selling

Keep your collections together

If you have collections of antique paintings or clocks, put the collections on for sale. Buyers love to buy complete sets more than single pieces. Would you like a whole collection with one piece missing?

Know the value of your product 

When you go out in the market to sell your antique stuff, make sure that you know the value and market price of that product. And always go for retail selling, not for auction. You can sell your antique paintings and clocks at retail price to us because an auction might not be a good idea as sometimes you don’t get paid what you deserved.

Selling antiques can be a hard task but we at Mike Deming Antiques are always here to make your selling experience easier than ever. The paintings and clocks will be completely checked for authenticity and a price that suits best for the rareness and beauty of the item will be offered. We appreciate and value the people who put their trust in us and we have to make sure our sellers do not get disappointed from their experience with us. Bring up your antique art and clock collections to us right now for amazing offers.


Ready to Sell?

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1807 Taft Highway Suite 5. (Walden Commons)
Signal Mountain, TN, 37377


Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday: 10am-4pm
Saturday-Monday: By Appointment Only