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A Lifetime of Loving Antiques

My father used to say, "Treat a person right, and they tell five people -- treat them wrong, and they'll tell 50."


"This is the principle on which I built my business. For over 35 years, I've grown Mike Deming Antiques into a well respected and thoughtful company. My business is much more than a brick building filled with unique items; it's a place where stories are shared with the many close friends I've made along the way. A place that honors a simpler more refined time.

Although I grew up in New Jersey, my first memory of an antique shop was on a family visit to Rochester in 1965. My grandmother took me along one day "antiquing," as she called it. We stopped in a great "old-time" shop in Mendon. If I close my eyes now, I can still see it. It was there I bought my first antique, a deck of playing cards with the members of Queen Victoria's Court. I was hooked!

Throughout the years, my family and I have bought and sold thousands of treasures and made many friends, building relationships that endure to this day. I look forward to meeting with you, whether you're selling a work of fine art or a deck of antique playing cards."

- Mike Deming

Our Move to Signal Mountain, TN

Having arrived here in Tennessee at the end of October 2021, Julia and I have taken some time to catch our breath. Closing the store in Rochester after a 40-year relationship with Upstate NY and particularly the City of Rochester was exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It was a leap of faith for us to make the move as prior to March of last year neither of us had ever been to Tennessee. Yet here we are! We rented a house here in Signal Mountain knowing no one and having no family connections. Finding a doctor, a dentist, a church, mechanic, lawyer, insurance agent, and all the other daily connections one takes for granted can be daunting. In Rochester, I was sort of the “Answer Guy”. Here I am the guy that asks a lot of questions. Thankfully ’Southern Hospitality” is a real quality as most all we have had contact with have been forthcoming and very kind. Just last week we were able to become a “very” last-minute exhibitor at the 48th Annual Houston Museum Show held at The Read House in downtown Chattanooga. A great experience.

Made some sales and met new faces, many telling us that they lived on “the Mountain” too. We began looking around the holidays for a new “Mike Deming Antiques” store location.

After poking around the area we decided to open right here on Signal Mountain and have rented a 900 square foot store at Walden Commons 1807 Taft Highway Suite 5.

We hope to have it open by April 1st and will try to post some pictures as we go along.

Both of us have missed having a shop and the interaction with the local community and customers. We are looking forward to the new path God has placed us on and to meeting and making new friends.

Ciao, for now…

Mike Deming Antiques Signal Mountain TN Mike_In_New_Shop

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1807 Taft Highway Suite 5. (Walden Commons)
Signal Mountain, TN, 37377


Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday: 10am-4pm
Saturday-Monday: By Appointment Only